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Saturday, 12 June 2004 11:54
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Kimera tropical is a tropical seeds and plants website.


Our business is based in Costa Rica. In its 51,100 km2 territory , about 0.1% of the world's landmass, it contains around 4% of the world's biodiversity.

Kimera Tropical is an on-line deals with sale, collection of seeds, cultivation of rare and endemic plants of Costa Rica and around the world.
We have a wide variety of Passiflora and Aristolochia and Mucuna native, whose seeds are periodically collected in nature or in our recent cultivation. Gradually and starting from zero, Kimera Tropical began to acquire importance in the web thanks to the availability of species are almost impossible to find for sale. I focused my attention on those species, not to fall into the mass of sites that sell the same things and that they buy and sell by other people.

The species we deal with, as collected in the wild and often available in small quantities and for short periods of the year in which the collection takes place.

Stap by Stap I'm expanding the variety of species available and the types of seeds available, rising from vines , drift seeds that are found on beaches, mangroves .. up to the tree ferns and all kinds of epiphytes and bromeliads.

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This project while being followed exclusively from me is always evolving and expanding from 3 years and from nothing and from many ideas noe this  project ihave concrete field for cultivation, home, and loto of space to develop any project.


Kimera Tropical headed Kimera  Corporation, which includes other sections always managed and implemented by me. Kimera Multimedia devoted to the web - graphics and media in general and Kimera Design dedicated to gardens and green wall and Kmera Bioproject last branch still dedicated to the development with natural methods and production of various kinds of products


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