Conocarpus erectus
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Conocarpus erectus

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Conocarpus erectus
, one of two species in the genus Conocarpus, is a mangrove shrub and tree in the family Combretaceae growing on shorelines in tropical and subtropical regions around the world, including Florida, Bermuda, The Bahamas, the Caribbean, Central and South America from Mexico to Brazil on the Atlantic coast and Mexico to Ecuador on the Pacific coast, western Africa and in Melanesia and Polynesia.

It was introduced in Kuwait because it can thrive in high temperatures and absorbs brackish water. English common names include Buttonwood, Buttonbush, Button Mangrove, Button-tree, False Mangrove, Florida Button, Florida Buttonwood, Green Buttonwood, Grey Mangrove and Zaragoza Mangrove. See also the section Common names in other languages below.