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When the Tropical Kimera Project started?

All start  from my ancontrolled passion for nature, plants and animals that have accompanied me since baby .
My first love, the seed of my idea and my crazy began when during my first trip outside Europe, to Machu Picchu in Peru, one of the most energized and history, I knew the tropical mountain forest. While everyone watched the beauty of this Inca archaeological site my gaze rested on the moss plants, orchids and trees trying to eat this city again. While the ants cutter carrying small pieces of leaves, helping gardeners to clean the walls of the ruins, I, in 2800 on top of a mountain covered by clouds, walking kidnapped by nature.

The years passed, and I, working in an office all day and all day for the family business and I came to the point of no return.

Living a life in an office or driving like a maniac and work only for money, no personal satisfaction in what I was doing, led me to leave everything and jump into an adventure in which the questions were more responses, the uncertainties were more 'certainties ... just trusting my instincts with the "strange" confidence that what I was doing should be done.

So after months and months after having ended and closed all its commitments to work and I left everything ... family, friends, my plants, my animals, car and Italy.

The Crazy, passion and heart have led me to Costa Rica, and now here I am starting my project in collaboration with my great friend (more like a brother) the Costarican Biologist Joseph Vargas. And its indispensable support, friendship and his wide knowledge of nature and animals of Costa Rica that our project can' start and grow.





It's already been two years since he split up with the story of Kimera and like all stories should be updated step by step ... otherwise it is just an old story.

Meanwhile, the quantity of seeds available on the site has increased and I am left alone to handle all the work. I was able to find new suppliers and expand in the future, the section devoted to mangroves and will open for the seeds collected from a native of Costa Rica.

I made various reports and improve and modernize the e-commerce, making it more modern and more manageable. The graphics are still the same but probably not much between the pages will be larger and with much more space for content.

I have the birth section of costa rica craft entering the craft Bribri totally done with native seeds and dreams of Catch Pablo. Soon I will assess the possibility of adding a section to the products of Costa Rica: coffee and chocolate to start

In two years many things have changed for good and evil is in my life that in my project, some others are left are gone, and the project lasts inperterrito Kimera and grows with each passing year. From 2011 we will begin the most difficult stage of Kimera, thanks to the creation of the Corporation knows Kimera , The export of plants and cuttings.

Among the projects under consideration are the Greenwall for the market of Costa Rica, small pictures of plants and epiphytic lichens, water gardens, import and sale of tropical water lilies and lotus flowers.

New update ... july 2011

It’s already passed several months since the last update to the progress of Kimera although it I don’t had much time to dedicate to post new products to the site. Now I have a home and a land to start creating my nursery and a small botanical garden dedicated to rare plants of Costa Rica. infact to collect seeds and plant production I leaned to my friend botanical taxonomist Gerardo Rivera, thank you ever so much for your help and that in the future he will follow the implementation of the botanic garden.

Unfortunately, despite the passage of time, have not yet managed to find someone willing to help me in the evolution of the Kimera project. Sometimes I feel like in the movie Mary Poppins where Bert, to gain two pennies, playing one thousand instruments at the same time, "One Man Band". In fact, the Kimera corporation is not just seed and plants: my passion is nature, but I am a graphic designer, a web designer specializing in corporate image and multimedia for business ... that is, everything that goes from paper to web the multimedia CD or video. This is and has been in these three years the source of SELF-finance  to create a botanical garden and for the preservation and production of plants native to Costa Rica and around the world, using systems with low environmental impact. I collect most of the seeds or go looking for them directly in the forest (running with my motorcycle), alone or with friends. After that the seeds must be dried, split, cleaned, photographed and classified, and included in the archive into the site. I am responsible for the implementation of site management and order preparation. I am in charge of advertising online or in the field by distributing flyers a. Design, organize, sell and install the green wall throughout Costa Rica, although now we're doing is not going at full speed ... no one even knows me, I'm missing a little 'in the advertising industry!
So, just to let you know, web pages or Kimera Multimedia have funded the creation of Kimera Tropical, which in turn funds Kimera Kimera Bioproject and Green Wall, and so on.

Right now I'm reaching one of the most important stages of this project, and also of my life. The search for land to establish the headquarters and the production of all plants treated on site . The fact remains that now the cost of land is to be so high "for my finances" (for some of this money are perhaps only pennies) which now rest without many resources to implement the early work of settling the land and start to be operational.


new update March 2012

And here ... with the call of Tarzan from jungle I upgrade a bit 'on the fate and evolution of my new project.

As always wanted to do and I do not lack enthusiasm, what is lacking and helpers are always thinking how easy it is ... Kimera is always a ONE MAN SHOW! heheh! All managed by one person ... I harvest the seeds, catalog, I am all in addition to continuing with my work to web and graphic designers.

Finally, after years of dreams and hopes, Kimera has a home and a ground on which to develop and cultivate all the plants and projects that always impressed me ... In fact I could not find a better place that reflects almost 100% to my needs and expectations.
Imagine a land in the middle of a valley on each side covered by lush tropical forest. The howler monkeys jump to the trees, birds and parrots of all kinds, a small wooden house very comfortable and a lot of space in which to indulge. The land is home to all kinds of fruits: lemons, limes, oranges, sapote, mangosten, rambutan, pejibaye, cas, guanabana, biriba, star fruit, guavas, pineapples, manzana de agua, bananas, plantains, and much more. Two drainage ditches running along the ground, in the future will be transformed into lagoons for aquatic plants and fish. The terrain is slightly sloped, sloping down to the river Creeck Hone ... with natural swimming pools and pools where you can swim, jump from the natural ridges of clay, or play feeding the fish ... very abundant at that point. .. and do not forget the beach, with sand, fossils shells and coal ...!

I could not ask for more! It’s very quiet and sparsely populated, then the peace and tranquility reign supreme ...

Step by Step I'm replanting the plants in my collection and gradually sowing the seeds of various species collected by me at Gerard  and all this time to Costa Rica. I always adding new species to the list, and gradually the same soil alone will produce all varieties treated at the site ... even if new entries will never find yourself lost in the forests of this country.

I admit, all that, is not easy to follow and the work has tripled .. step away from the computer to the shovel, the hoe from the programming, from drawing to re-potting, from picking fruit to the renovation of the house, make cutting and work of linux server! For this you will excuse me, sometimes I need a bit 'of time more ,before sending an order!

Efforts to begin exports of plants are unfortunately left on the high seas supplanted by the extreme amount of work and time required to search and management of the land. But now, as always, things will get up and slowly everything will materialize into a project more exciting and practical! so Let's hope!

Meanwhile I could make the green wall projects for Costa Rica, with excellent results, and I have tested various types of plants available and usable for green walls. I never end to try new species and new varieties that better or worse suited to life in "green walls" by avoiding such errors of judgment.

I had the opportunity to visit new places and forests, unfortunately my time has always been too poor to afford to write a Report and publish it ... but I hope a little at a time to put all, or at least some pictures.

I hope in the future could hold my ground to welcome tourists "nerds" of plants, amphibians, reptiles, fish, insects, etc.. and you can begin to accompany people on tour "unorganized" (those that constitute normal tourists to leave them!) in the midst of forests, parks, rivers, or anywhere you can see the real wild nature.
Refrain wasters, people who are too refined and not to be adaptable ... everyone loads his backpack ... no lackeys! you bathe, you dirty, you can drop or hitting with rocks, logs, plants or animals! =) The experience, however, is always exciting!